SIGN series

사인물 시리즈- 이지선, 여유진, 송정섭 작가


건물의 위치를 알려주거나, 천정에 붙어 부서를 알려주는 그것, ‘사인물(sign+物)’.


사인물은 기업의 이미지나 홍보효과를 높이는 로고와

공공질서의 목적을 가진 표지판 등, 픽토그램과 문자로 이루어진 시각적 표시물이다.


흔하디 흔하고 대부분의 사람들이 유심히 보지 않지만 사인물은

문자의 배열, 조형성, 시안성이 결합된 ‘예술’이자 시시때때로 꿈틀대는 ‘생명체’다.

사인물은 시대와 함께 변하고, 진화한다.

당시의 시대상時代相과 감각, 당시의 예술과 문화가 사인물에 투영될 수밖에 없는 이유다.

옛 표지판과 옛 기업 로고가 때론 어설픈 조형물처럼 보이는 까닭도 여기에 있다.


그 예로, 디자인 프로그램이 발달하지 않았던 시절과 지금 문자체의 느낌이 다르듯이,

1970년대에 삼성전자 사인물(로고)과 현재의 블루 사인물도 다른 느낌과 이미지를 갖는다.


작가는 이런 사인물들을 복각復刻한다.

1960년대~1990년대 로고와 표지판을 재해석하면서 당시의 시대상과 문화를 읽고, 그 문화를 공유하고자 한다.


복각의 감정은 다각적으로 표출된다.

어설픔은 정겹고, 촌스러움은 창의적이다.

그리고 단순함은 정갈하다.

즉, 사인물은 과거와 현재를 잇는 ‘디자인 아이덴티티’다.

Sign series – Lee Jiseon

show or to notice the location of the building, or indicate the department about the ceiling, ‘sign+物’.

Signs are visual indicators that are consisted of pictograms and letters, such as logos that enhance corporate image or publicity with the purpose of public order. It is common, that most people do not watch them in details, but the signs are ‘art’ combined with the arrangement of characters, formality and visuality. In a way it is a ‘life’ ever changing.

The sign, changes and evolves with the time. That is why the arts and culture are inevitably projects the time and senses or the era in forms of sign. Here are the reasons why old signs and old corporate logos sometimes look like outdated sculptures. For example, in the 1970s, Samsung signage(logo) and current blue sign have different feelings and images, just as the textual senses are different from the days when design programs did not develop as much as current days.

The artist reprints these signs, interpreted logos from 1960s to 1990s depicts the time and culture of the time and share the culture. The feelings of repetition are expressed in various ways. Being sloppy is warm and being tacky is creative. And simplicity is pure. In other words, a sign is a ‘design identity’ connecting past and present.

SIGN series

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© utmost All rights reserved.